About Me

My name is Hunter Hillegas and I’m a developer living in Santa Barbara, CA. I’ve helped dozens of companies build apps for the iPhone, iPad, and the web.

I’ve got strong technical skills but I know how to break down complicated problems and explain them to non-techies too.

If you’ve got an idea you’re looking to build or have an existing project, I may be able to help. I’ve build apps from scratch, helped clean up projects that have gone wrong and also built teams for large projects. I can also help with code audits and other services.

Contact me via phone at 805-617-4963 or via email – hunter AT hanchorllc DOT com.

Some examples of past work:

  • Axxess Card – The digital version of the popular Santa Barbara rewards card.
  • Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners – A complete system (both a customer app and tools for employees) to manage on-demand dry cleaning and laundry.
  • EZ Golf League – App for iPhone and also the web backend, tool for golf leagues to keep score, manage dues, and make golf more fun.
  • VegasMate – Las Vegas city guide on iOS.

More examples are available on request.

Cover photo by Damian Gadal