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Vegas Mate for iPad Submitted to Apple!

Very happy to announce that I’ve submitted my first iPad app, Vegas Mate, to Apple for approval. For details, please read my complete blog post – there are some screenshots in there too.

Apple iPad

On Wednesday, Apple introduced the iPad to the world. The system uses the same Cocoa Touch APIs that power the iPhone. It’s safe to say that I’ll have iPad apps in the near future – I’m already experimenting with the developer software. So far, it looks like lots of fun!

Vegas Mate Profiled in Las Vegas Weekly

Weekly write Richard Abowitz did a profile on Vegas Mate for this week’s Las Vegas Weekly. Go check it out!

Vegas Mate 2.0 Approved and Available

After a few weeks of ‘negotiations’ with Apple over the rating that needed to be applied to Vegas Mate 2.0, I’m happy to report it is in the store. Customers seem happy – they’ve been very patient waiting for this release. I’m also happy – I think it came out great.