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WWDC Week Complete!

Wow, what a week. Apple introduced a ton of new technologies on Monday and I’m already starting to work with them in a few projects. I’m super excited to get building.

PromoLinker for Mac OS X is on the Mac App Store

PromoLinker, a very simple app I created, is on the Mac App Store. PromoLinker takes the promo code files generated from iTunes Connect and turns them into clickable links that users can follow from their desktop or iOS devices to redeem. I got sick and tired of doing this by hand so PromoLinker was born. […]

What Does Having the #6 App in a Mac App Store Category Get You? $15.42

That’s less than I would have guessed. I’ve got an app on the Mac App Store called ‘BetaBuilder for iOS Apps’ (it was called ‘iOS BetaBuilder’ but Apple freaked out about the iOS in the front instead of at the end and asked me to change it). It’s a developer focused tool that’s designed to […]