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Ready for iOS 8?

Well, Apple’s WWDC is right around the corner and that almost certainly means we’ll see iOS 8 and MacOS X 10.10 demoed. WWDC is sorta like nerd-Christmas in the Apple developer community. New features, new APIs, new tools to build great stuff. I can’t wait! I won’t be in San Francisco this year but I’m […]

Fighting with iCloud

iCloud storage with Core Data, introduced with iOS 5 in 2011, was deeply flawed. Those flaws continued with iOS 6 a year later but with the introduction of iOS 7 in June, things were looking up. The team promised no new features and instead a focus on fixing bugs. Indeed, my work with the feature […]

App Stores & Pricing

This week, I announced that one of my most popular apps, VegasMate, is moving to a free w/ IAP option. For those unfamiliar, VegasMate is a travel guide app for Las Vegas. In addition to its base features, it gets updated content monthly. Previously, VegasMate was available at $1.99 as a one-time cost. Over time, […]


Similar to most of my developer colleagues, we’re now in a crunch period as we lead up to the release of iOS 7 this Fall. I’m working on an entirely new version of Vegas Mate that will require iOS 7 and while I’m really happy with how it’s coming out, there’s still a ton of […]

Radars Flying Fast and Furious

With the iOS 7 beta period well underway, I’ve been filing a bunch of radars (Apple’s bug reporting system) whenever I find problems, either in the way my apps work with iOS but also in the OS itself. I’ve always done this – it’s nothing new. What I am noticing though is that it seems […]

WWDC Week Complete!

Wow, what a week. Apple introduced a ton of new technologies on Monday and I’m already starting to work with them in a few projects. I’m super excited to get building.

PromoLinker for Mac OS X is on the Mac App Store

PromoLinker, a very simple app I created, is on the Mac App Store. PromoLinker takes the promo code files generated from iTunes Connect and turns them into clickable links that users can follow from their desktop or iOS devices to redeem. I got sick and tired of doing this by hand so PromoLinker was born. […]

Recent Work @ Foraker

My colleagues at Foraker Labs have updated our Web site to include some of our recent iOS work. Check it out!

iOS 5 Means Even More Great Apps in the App Store

Some thoughts from me about the impact of iOS 5 on customer’s apps, over on the Foraker blog.

Some MapKit Sample Code

Just a note that I published a little sample code on GitHub today. Nothing earth-shattering, especially if you’re familiar with MapKit and Core Data. If you’ve never used either, it might be helpful. The simple app downloads a list of locations in JSON format from the Web, parses it, inserts it in the background […]