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iOS 7.1 Requires Ad-Hoc Installs To Be Over HTTPS

So, sometime in the future, Apple will release iOS 7.1. This new version includes an important change for BetaBuilder users: the Web server that hosts your deployment files now has to be accessible over HTTPS. Normal HTTP installs will fail. The latest version of BetaBuilder includes a warning to this effect. Also important – you cannot […]

BetaBuilder Update on the App Store

Be sure to grab the free update if you haven’t already!

BetaBuilder 2.0

For a long time I sorta thought that BetaBuilder was more or less ‘done’ (barring fixes) but recently, I’ve had a few ideas about how I could expand on the app and enhance it so I’ve started tinkering. BetaBuilder was also the first Cocoa app I ever did and I really had no idea how […]

BetaBuilder 1.8 in the App Store

Our latest release of BetaBuilder, v1.8, is in the Mac App Store as a free upgrade for existing customers. Let us know if you have any trouble with the release and enjoy!

Customizing BetaBuilder’s Web Output

In one of the BetaBuilder posts, one of the commenters reminded me that while you can customize your BetaBuilder HTML template, it’s not really documented well (or at all). Customization is pretty simple: just edit the ‘index_template.html’ file in BetaBuilder’s Application Support folder. You’ll find a file with a few simple tags that are used […]

BetaBuilder 1.6b1 – Any Problems?

I’ve made a few changes to BetaBuilder and before I submit it to the App Store, I wanted to do a sanity check. Beta Builder 1.6 includes: – Entire window is now a drag target for IPA files. – If your project includes an iTunesArtwork file, it will be used on the generated HTML page. […]

What Does Having the #6 App in a Mac App Store Category Get You? $15.42

That’s less than I would have guessed. I’ve got an app on the Mac App Store called ‘BetaBuilder for iOS Apps’ (it was called ‘iOS BetaBuilder’ but Apple freaked out about the iOS in the front instead of at the end and asked me to change it). It’s a developer focused tool that’s designed to […]

BetaBuilder for iOS Apps Premieres on Mac App Store

It only took three months but I’m happy to share that BetaBuilder is now on the Mac App Store! You can purchase it here: BetaBuilder for iOS Apps on the Mac App Store Yes, I did decide to charge $1.99 for the app. That decision won’t impact the source code availability – it’s still on […]

iOS BetaBuilder 1.5 – Mac App Store Bound

Updated with fixed link. Hi Guys, I’ve just completed a few little updates to iOS BetaBuilder in a release I’m calling 1.5. You can download that from the Mac App Store here: The release includes the following changes: The app now remembers the values for items in it’s history, based on the bundle ID. […]

Some Interesting BetaBuilder Forks

Since posting the source onto GitHub, I’ve seen a couple of interesting forks of BetaBuilder and I’m considering folding some of the changes back into the ‘official’ release. What do you guys think of these ideas? There’s a fork with better support for using Dropbox as the storage medium – interesting. There’s also full command […]