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Ready for iOS 8?

Well, Apple’s WWDC is right around the corner and that almost certainly means we’ll see iOS 8 and MacOS X 10.10 demoed. WWDC is sorta like nerd-Christmas in the Apple developer community. New features, new APIs, new tools to build great stuff. I can’t wait! I won’t be in San Francisco this year but I’m […]

iOS 7.1 Requires Ad-Hoc Installs To Be Over HTTPS

So, sometime in the future, Apple will release iOS 7.1. This new version includes an important change for BetaBuilder users: the Web server that hosts your deployment files now has to be accessible over HTTPS. Normal HTTP installs will fail. The latest version of BetaBuilder includes a warning to this effect. Also important – you cannot […]

BetaBuilder Update on the App Store

Be sure to grab the free update if you haven’t already!

BetaBuilder 2.0

For a long time I sorta thought that BetaBuilder was more or less ‘done’ (barring fixes) but recently, I’ve had a few ideas about how I could expand on the app and enhance it so I’ve started tinkering. BetaBuilder was also the first Cocoa app I ever did and I really had no idea how […]

Fighting with iCloud

iCloud storage with Core Data, introduced with iOS 5 in 2011, was deeply flawed. Those flaws continued with iOS 6 a year later but with the introduction of iOS 7 in June, things were looking up. The team promised no new features and instead a focus on fixing bugs. Indeed, my work with the feature […]

App Stores & Pricing

This week, I announced that one of my most popular apps, VegasMate, is moving to a free w/ IAP option. For those unfamiliar, VegasMate is a travel guide app for Las Vegas. In addition to its base features, it gets updated content monthly. Previously, VegasMate was available at $1.99 as a one-time cost. Over time, […]


Similar to most of my developer colleagues, we’re now in a crunch period as we lead up to the release of iOS 7 this Fall. I’m working on an entirely new version of Vegas Mate that will require iOS 7 and while I’m really happy with how it’s coming out, there’s still a ton of […]

Radars Flying Fast and Furious

With the iOS 7 beta period well underway, I’ve been filing a bunch of radars (Apple’s bug reporting system) whenever I find problems, either in the way my apps work with iOS but also in the OS itself. I’ve always done this – it’s nothing new. What I am noticing though is that it seems […]

WWDC Week Complete!

Wow, what a week. Apple introduced a ton of new technologies on Monday and I’m already starting to work with them in a few projects. I’m super excited to get building.

BetaBuilder 1.8 in the App Store

Our latest release of BetaBuilder, v1.8, is in the Mac App Store as a free upgrade for existing customers. Let us know if you have any trouble with the release and enjoy!