My name is Hunter Hillegas.

I am an iPhone, iPad, Mac and Web backend¬†developer living in Santa Barbara, CA. I love to build products that make people smile, laugh, get work done and enjoy doing it. I’m here to help you build something great.

Do you want to build something for the iPhone or iPad? Need advice on how to tackle the mobile development world? I’ve put many apps onto the App Store and I may be available to work on your project.

Contact me via phone at 805-617-4963 or via email – hunter AT hanchorllc DOT com.

Find me on Twitter: @hunter

Some examples of projects I’ve worked on:

iOS – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad:

  • VegasMate – Las Vegas city guide on iOS.
  • VegasLists – a location-aware list making tool for Vegas visitors.
  • StayLinx – hotel concierge app for premium travel.
  • UX Recorder – Tool for doing mobile Web site testing.
  • I-70 Traffic – Beat the traffic to Vail this ski season.
  • BehaviorLENS – Multi-modal observation tool for school psychologists.
  • Santa Barbara Axxess¬†- A new iPhone app for the best offers in Santa Barbara.
  • Genentech Boniva Publisher – Internal tool for major Pharma company.
  • Several other iOS apps used internally at multi-million dollar firms for sales and account management.

Cocoa / MacOS X

More examples are available on request.

I care deeply about design but I am not a visual designer – I work with several talented folks that help out on this end or I’m happy to work with your design team if you have one already. I’ll work with you to guide that process so that we end up with the best result possible.