BetaBuilder 2.0

For a long time I sorta thought that BetaBuilder was more or less ‘done’ (barring fixes) but recently, I’ve had a few ideas about how I could expand on the app and enhance it so I’ve started tinkering.

BetaBuilder was also the first Cocoa app I ever did and I really had no idea how to structure a Cocoa app so I’ll have the opportunity to clean a few things up.

More to come! In the meantime, a bug-fix update is heading to the App Store soon.


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  1. Lisa,

    Hi, am new to this.
    Pls correct me if I am wrong:
    If I buy your “Builder” then I would be able to distribute my “ipa” file without including iphone IDS of my testers.
    is it right?


    • Hunter,

      No, that’s not correct. BetaBuilder is a tool that works within the Ad-Hoc provisioning system. You still need to create profiles that include their device IDs.

  2. Apple Mac,

    Is there any way that i can use beta builder using command line, to generate my app links. ?
    Apple M

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