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This week, I announced that one of my most popular apps, VegasMate, is moving to a free w/ IAP option. For those unfamiliar, VegasMate is a travel guide app for Las Vegas. In addition to its base features, it gets updated content monthly.

Previously, VegasMate was available at $1.99 as a one-time cost. Over time, this has become less tenable especially given the costs of updating the content every month. So, the app will be free in the store and include an annual content subscription that costs $3.

If you want to use the app for a weekend and never again, you’ll be able to do so for free. If you visit Las Vegas often and want regular updates, you can opt in and get those. Hopefully this will expose VegasMate to a much larger audience.

More details on my personal blog:

These aren’t easy decisions to make and I’m certainly taking a chance here… but nothing great ever came out of taking the safe road.

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