BetaBuilder 1.8 in the App Store

Our latest release of BetaBuilder, v1.8, is in the Mac App Store as a free upgrade for existing customers.

Let us know if you have any trouble with the release and enjoy!


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  1. Arnaud S,

    Hi there !

    Congratulations for your work, I use iOS beta builder every day :)

    What i thought is that it would be great to have a textfield added in the app, just to add a short description for the update of the app.

    Do you plan to implement it ?

    Best regards,

    • Hunter,

      Thanks for the kind note and thanks for the suggestion – we don’t talk about future features but we’ll definitely keep that in mind!

  2. M O,

    Hey, just bought beta builder and it’s awesome, already saved me a ton of time.

    One questiong though, the Icon.png files in the deployment folder are corrupt and can’t be shown with a web browser or opened in Photoshop, though the Finder can preview them. Any ideas what this could be? Is the program grabbing the icon from inside the .ipa somewhere I assume?


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