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Some MapKit Sample Code

Just a note that I published a little sample code on GitHub today. Nothing earth-shattering, especially if you’re familiar with MapKit and Core Data. If you’ve never used either, it might be helpful. The simple app downloads a list of locations in JSON format from the Web, parses it, inserts it in the background […]

BetaBuilder 1.6b1 – Any Problems?

I’ve made a few changes to BetaBuilder and before I submit it to the App Store, I wanted to do a sanity check. Beta Builder 1.6 includes: – Entire window is now a drag target for IPA files. – If your project includes an iTunesArtwork file, it will be used on the generated HTML page. […]

Vegas Mate 3.1 Update Online

Happy to announce that Vegas Mate 3.1 is on the App Store. This Two Way post has all the info.

What Does Having the #6 App in a Mac App Store Category Get You? $15.42

That’s less than I would have guessed. I’ve got an app on the Mac App Store called ‘BetaBuilder for iOS Apps’ (it was called ‘iOS BetaBuilder’ but Apple freaked out about the iOS in the front instead of at the end and asked me to change it). It’s a developer focused tool that’s designed to […]

Apps: What Is Native?

On 5by5′s Daily Edition last week, there was a section of the show where Dan, Jen and special guest Dave Findlay were talking about apps on iOS, specifically what makes an app ‘native’. There was a little bit of debate on the show with Jen suggesting that some folks would argue that any app  that’s […]