iOS BetaBuilder 1.5 – Mac App Store Bound

Updated with fixed link.

Hi Guys,

I’ve just completed a few little updates to iOS BetaBuilder in a release I’m calling 1.5. You can download that from the Mac App Store here:

The release includes the following changes:

  • The app now remembers the values for items in it’s history, based on the bundle ID. That means you don’t have to re-type the Web server info every time for bundles you use again and again.
  • A few tweaks to the HTML file (thanks to all that contributed) – better support for different display sizes and it now includes the date and the app version as well.
  • The HTML template is now read from the App Support directory, meaning you can replace the template with your own file if you want. The syntax is very simple to understand.

Beyond that, I’m announcing that I’m submitting iOS BetaBuilder to the Mac App Store. The source will remain on GitHub but I may charge a couple of bucks in the store for people that want to support the project.

I thought this was an easier way for people to get the binaries than having to setup Sparkle, etc… I’ll post again when it’s available.

Enjoy and please let me know if you find any issues.

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