Some Interesting BetaBuilder Forks

Since posting the source onto GitHub, I’ve seen a couple of interesting forks of BetaBuilder and I’m considering folding some of the changes back into the ‘official’ release. What do you guys think of these ideas?

There’s a fork with better support for using Dropbox as the storage medium – interesting. There’s also full command line support, helpful for people that want to script the entire build process.

What would you most like to see added to BetaBuilder?


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  1. nobody,

    Dropbox support is a great feature

  2. Great work.
    Xcode integration would be fantastic.
    Just being able to save the config would be a start.

    • That should be possible with the command line variant, just a build step after all the current steps. I’ll have a go.

      • Yup, this is entirely doable. You create a new “Shell Script Target”, add the normal target as a dependency and bash in some script in the target configuration to do the packaging using something like the command-line based fork I made of Hunters code.

        I’ll probably make up a script to do this, using project settings for things like the URL (they’re passed in the environment) and I’ll make my own blog post about it when I’m done. I’ll link to it from here. :)

  3. Hunter,

    That’s awesome – so cool.

    I fully intend to merge some (most?) of this stuff back into the ‘official’ repo and do another release, I just haven’t had any time to really look at it in detail.

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