iOS Beta Builder 1.0.1

Just a note that I’ve posted the 1.0.1 version of iOS Beta Builder. For those that don’t know, BetaBuilder is a simple way to generate all of the deployment files you need to do your iOS Ad-Hoc beta programs wirelessly. It’s similar to services like TestFlight (they do more than just the wireless bit  though – if you need a comprehensive solution, check them out too). BetaBuilder is free and the source is available.

You can download version 1.0.1 here.

Not all that much in this update, just a fix for the generated HTML files. This is the same source that is up on GitHub.

Happy to hear from everyone that’s been using the app. I’ve got some ideas for extra features but just haven’t had time to work on them.


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  1. Vlad,

    I have been trying to use this however when i use an iphone 4 or ipod touch and click on the actual install link i get a “cannot connect to (null)” message.

    • Hunter,

      Sounds like you may have entered some of the values incorrectly, specifically the Web server location, but without details it is impossible to say for sure.

    • DolphinDream,

      I had the same problem when downloading (Cannot connect to (null)” and it turned out that the manifest file itms link had the url starting with http://www.. instead of http://www (adding the http:// solved the problem for me)

      • DolphinDream,

        oops… it seems that the CMS automatically adds http before the w w w :) which makes my comment a bit confusing. I mean to say the URL has to start with http://www instead of just “w w w”.

  2. Vlad,

    Turns out I solved the problem. My isp is blocking port 80 so I have my webserver running on a different port. I had to update the index.html and the manifest file with the full URL including the port number. This is a useful piece of software :)

  3. Jim,

    Not quite sure what I am doing wrong, but what I am doing is probably a bit different then what other people are doing.
    I create the files and then compress the folder and send it to my windows system where the zip file is unzipped and the files are ftp’d to my site. The web page comes up and it appears to begin the download, but about half way through it pops up an error that the file cannot be downloaded.

    Any ideas on what is wrong = I am using the latest version.


    • Hunter,

      Do you have a non-Windows Web server that you can test with? My guess is that IIS is doing something weird because I’ve heard that from some other folks too.

      • Jim,

        Sorry for the confusion, but the server is hosted by Yahoo and some brand of unix?? The windows is my desktop from which I am uploading the files to my site. I am trying to upload from my Mac systems using ftp, but right now I haven’t been able to get past the login. Yahoo doesn’t give you a whole lot of access capabilities.


      • Hunter,


        Do you mean that you’re using 4.1 as your base SDK and 3.0 as the your deployment target?

        I’m wondering if the Windows system is screwing something up – the unzip process there may be doing something funny. I’d try to ditch that step, if you can. Otherwise, from what I’m reading, it doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything strange.

      • Jim,

        Yes, 4.1 is the base SDK and 3.0 is the deployment target. I found a suitable ftp app for the Mac to use to download the generated files and basically the same problem exists. After pushing the install button, the app appears to begin its download but then pops up a modal dialog “Unable to Download “iBPTouch””.
        Pressing the Retry button produces the same result. Is there something that I might have wrong that could cause this problem such as a bad app name, bundle id, etc.



      • Hunter,


        Might be easier if we could do this via email so I can get some more specific info you might not want to make public.

        Can you send me the location of your Beta Builder page via email? hunter AT this domain.


      • Jim,

        One other thing, I compiling with an iOS 3.0 target using the 4.1 SDK.. The devices I am trying to install to are 4.1 devices. Not sure if this would have any effect. on it.


  4. George,


    Awesome job with this app. Simple concept but great execution!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. chad,

    I cannot seem to get passed this “Unable to download foobar” message. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hunter,

      This is almost always caused by incorrect signing/provisioning.

      Verify that all of the devices are included in the provisioning profile and that the IPA was properly signed. If you can’t install it manually via iTunes, that will also verify you have some sort of signing/prep problem.

      • Anu,


        I could successfully manually install the app using iTunes but when I tried to install the deployed files from my webserver, I’m getting “Unable to download” message. My app is signed with Developer certificate and the device id is added correctly in the provisioning profile. Not sure what’s wrong. Please let me know ASAP as we’re in bit of time crunch for beta testing and any help would be appreciated.


      • Hunter,

        If you hook the device up to Xcode and view the device’s console while you’re trying to install, it will typically explain why it is failing.

  6. Spring,

    Hi ,
    I’m very much using beta builder , but recently I was need to Renew my profiles including the AdHoc , and once I did this I noticed that there is one pc the devices that not accepting the installation via web
    Just stop in the middle of this process.

    Since its only one of my devices and not all I don’t thing its signing issue but if also don’t know what else it can be ?
    Much thanks for any advice !

    • Hunter,

      Definitely some sort of signing or provisioning issue.

      I’d recommend first verifying that all of the devices are in your profile, cleaning and re-building and re-deploying. Also, on the device itself, make sure you don’t have an old profile that’s expired still on the device. Settings -> General -> Profiles.

  7. cielo_lee,

    Some People always miss reading the help button with the question mark sign. Read those before generating ipa file, it might help you.

  8. Yama,

    Great job guys.
    Keep going :)

  9. Vinay,

    How to handle for URL encoding ?

    I have used %20 instead of spaces( ) eg . Test App -> Test%20App

    No message to install.

    Please let me know the solution

    • Hunter,

      That URL encoding is fine. As I mentioned in my email:

      - Dropbox is not a supported deployment platform. It might work, it might not.
      - Your IPA file has a 404. This is the main problem.

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