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Hey All,

Thanks for the support regarding the recent release of iOS BetaBuilder. Happy that I could maybe save some people a little time with my simple tool.

Anyway, several folks seemed interested in expanding the app (i.e. adding command line support, localizations, etc…). That’s great but since I don’t have the time to really do it, I’ve put the code up on GitHub for all to share.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.



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  1. Firstly I’d like thank you. Thanks a lot, it could be very useful!

    Could please create a localization mechanism for HTML files to update pages which are shown to end users. E.g. create strings localization file and put HTML strings there instead of HTML files separetely.

    thanks again!

    • Hunter,

      Sounds like a great idea. The source is on GitHub so feel free to add that feature yourself if I don’t get to it in time.

  2. finzic,

    Hi all,
    I have cloned the iOS BetaBuilder repo to try and build the tool. I have Mac OS X 10.6.8 and XCode 4.2. Unfortunately the project does not build successfully because XCode cannot find this class: NSFileManagerDelegate. By googling around it seems that this class is available only on Mac OS X 10.7; do I need Lion to build the project?

    Thanks in advance,

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