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Vegas Mate 2.0 Entering Beta Testing

The 2.0 version of my app, Vegas Mate, is entering beta testing in the next week or so. The 1.x branch used SQLite and FMDB for persistence while 2.0 has been entirely re-written to use Core Data. This means that VM2 requires iPhone OS 3.0 but after working with Core Data, I’m very comfortable with […]

iPhone 3G S – Quick Thoughts

My iPhone 3G S was delivered yesterday and since then I’ve been playing with it extensively. This isn’t a review – there are plenty of those out there – just a few quick thoughts: The speed difference is pretty amazing. I use my iPhone a ton and this alone makes the upgrade worthwhile for me. […]

CineSlots Available

I worked on an iPhone app with the fine folks at the CineVegas Film Festival, called CineSlots. It’s available now on iTunes, here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=317218202&mt=8 Enjoy!

Life Post WWDC

I spent last week in San Francisco for my first WWDC, Apple’s developer conference. Over the course of the week we learned about all the new bits in Snow Leopard MacOS X 10.6 and iPhone OS 3.0. Now, the details are under NDA but I can say that I’m more excited about Snow Leopard than […]

Vegas Mate 2.0 Preview

I’m at WWDC this week in San Francisco, learning about all the goodness in iPhone 3.0 and Snow Leopard 10.6. One of my apps, Vegas Mate 2, will require iPhone OS 3.0. I wrote a little preview about what’s new here: http://www.ratevegas.com/blog/2009/06/vegas_mate_20_p.html

WWDC Is Next Week!

Very excited to be going to my first WWDC… Yes, after all these years living and breathing Apple, I’ve never been. This is going to be quite a lot of fun. Beyond the excellent looking list of sessions, there’s a ton of opportunity to meet the people I follow on Twitter and via Interweb blogs. […]